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Not repopulating playlist

Hi All

After reinstalling the older version which is working great with all the schedules 

working perfectly. its not populating the songs so its only putting so many songs in the playlist and it just cuts of. ive attached the pics to see if you can help me. ive set the playout order to what i want but its just not re populating the lists.

(190 KB)
(189 KB)
(184 KB)

Hi Rich First of all, are there any clocks scheduled for this time, as these will take priority over the playout pattern? Also, the playout pattern is used to fill an hour up if it has not already been scheduled (i.e. there are gaps). The full pattern may not be used as it stops once the hour is full.

hi Jason i have not set up any clocks at all this time. so do i need to create a clock then that populates the song list

No. With the playout pattern and no clocks only the playout pattern will be used. It’s worth pointing out that when you uninstall and reinstall your old data remains. Therefore if you set up clocks before, they will still be there. You need to delete the clock schedule entries.

hi jason.

i deleted everything when uninstalling including the folders and databases.

it seems to be working now. the news is kicking in when it should now and

i have a pre recorded show scheduled for 7am tomorrow so fingers crossed

it goes to plan. i love the software so thank you for designing it and giving it 

away free. ive used quite a few playout systems such as myriad, otsav, radiodj

and winamp but this beats the lot and your support is great and thanks for

putting up with my problems. i no idea why the latest version did not work for 

us but im glad the previous one did

just to help anyone my problem was caused by title and artist seperation restrictions. i set the seperation to 5hrs for both. there obviously was not enough songs in the list to do the seperation policy. i changed it to 1hr and its running perfectly now. weird how the previous version is working like a charm now. we only use playout pattern and scheduled events for our station no clocks at all. we had a problem with shows going out a hour late but i think that was cause by me setting the time to 7am and then inserting the marker play at start of next hour. i changed it to play next and fingers crossed it goes out at 7am tomorrow. 

Hi Rich - have been running now for over a week with our clocks in place and all scheduling as they should - would you still like me to screen grab some for you?

yes please darrent. i do prefer the downgraded version. it does seem to work better for us.