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Tracks Long Fading

Hi all, I'm a new user and generally happy with PlayIt Live as I've actually figured out how to use it!

One strange phenomenon I'm hearing occasionally is tracks gradually fading down to silence over the course of about a minute. Then the next track will play. I've checked the tracks in the editor I've heard this on and they haven't got long fades setup so I'm stumped why it's happening. Any ideas appreciated!

I'm still getting this problem, there seems to be no pattern or particular tracks that cause it. It doesn't happen that often so I've yet to witness it happening when I'm looking at the software. It's kind of putting me off sticking with this software for the long term.

I found out what the problem is here - some of my tracks have very abrupt endings. When the tracks have been scanned the cue point is at the beginning of the track instead of the end when I press test, it starts playing from the beginning. Some of these tracks when playing out on air start fading right from the beginning of the track.