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Saving a playlist for later retrieval?

How do you save a playlist for later retrieval (but not at a specific date/time)?

I want to create a list of 20 sound clips that I wish to use for a feature, but obviously don't want this to be used as the on air output.



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Hello Nick,

Playlists are not really a concept PlayIt Live has as I see it.

It is more based round the library and rotation.

You could make a category for sound clips and pull them on to the carts when you use them. Exclude that category for any rotation rules.

Fundamentally, PlayIt Live will be an excellent "jukebox" playing out songs by rotation rules or work as live assist with you loading items in to players manually or in conjunction with the music rotation rules.

Playlists (in the WinAmp/iTunes sense) are not part of the paradigm.