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Soundcard issue

Do you know if there any idea why I can't pick different outputs in Playit Live for my 7.1 usb sound card.?

Windows 10 will play the test tone fine thru the individual channels setup.    I use an external mixer and PCDJ software will show and select individual outputs but not Play It Live.

Also is there any known issues with Windows 10 not starting programme all the time unless its running in win8 compatibility mode..?



I'm having the same problem

I found that I had resolved the soundcard issue by buying an ESI GIGAPORT HD+ USB It’s very good and resolved it straightaway. Bought on Amazon for £140 ... that’s my recommendation Although was an expensive resolve I will Admit

I'm gonna wait and see first as don't really have the money to buy another soundcard!

The only other way that I made it work was with multiple soundcards... I worked perfectly but does mean 3 or even 4 cheaper usb soundcards... it a lot cheaper but a bit messy... I already had 3 usb soundcards so I could test that out... but they weren’t as expansive
Also try the latest Asio drivers for your soundcards... sometimes the manufacturer makes their last and works much better than the asio4all...

As a more general observation, unfortunately PlayIt Live (unlike some other audio programs) doesn't see all the outputs on 7.1 or 5.1 sound cards and PlayIt Live no longer supports Asio4All.

For good or ill, you need a card with a manufacturer supplied driver (such as the ESI drivers).

For many applications the ESI UDJ6 will suffice and the drivers seem good.