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Playit Live and Stereo Tool and RDS


OK, I have 2 questions.

1. Has anyone managed to configure Playit Live with Stereo Tool?

I've tried every variant possible on the inputs/outputs but just cant seem to find the right configuration. I can get Stereo Tool working fine on Winamp and AIMP.

2. Is there a way to get the current song playing in Playit Live to pass through to Stereo Tool or another RDS generation program such as Airomate or JMPX ?

I can get Playit Live to run with JMPX and Airomate, but it doesn't pass the song now playing info so I continue to run Winamp or AIMP as the playout software.

I run an LPFM station and the lack of RDS "Now playing" is the only thing stopping me buying this product.

Am I missing something really simple??

Any help appreciated. Thank you


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Hello Alex,

I've not had PlayIt Live working with Stereo Tool (or ever used Stereo Tool) but assuming Stereo Tool picks up a text file with the current track in it (like B.U.T.T. does) I can assure you that this works with PlayIt Live.

You need to buy the "Now Playing" plug inĀ

and the simplest thing it will do is put the now playing track somewhere of your choice.

from a quick Google Stereo Tool seems OK with that.

and the section "Including dynamic texts"

seems to be what you want.