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manual operaton -automation off

I would sometimes like to play music files and carts manually.   I have the Automation OFF.

According to the documentation :Toggling segues A segue is the transitioning of one item into another item. The segue toggle switch is used to say whether an item transitions into the next. The segue toggle switch changes between a green arrow and a red stop sign. A green arrow indicates that the succeeding track will automatically play after this track. A red stop sign indicates that playout will stop after this track has finished. To resume playback, click the play button on the player or the master controls.

I have switched all of my music selections from the down arrow to  the red stop sign indicacators, and the music selection continue to seque in either position.

Thanks Much

When I re-booted PC a couple of times today,t he toggle from seque auto to manual started working as it should.


Bob Blair

Just occasionally the computer decides to reboot itself .. usually in the middle of the night. That's ok because it loads 'Play it live' automatically .. my question is .. Is there anyway to set the automation and log scheduler to 'on' by default

Hi David,

Check out Manage > Scheduled Events. You can create a scheduled event On Startup. You can set the Playout Mode to Auto to switch to Automation on startup.