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Import categories from iTunes/M3U

All my music is at present organised in iTunes into various categories. It took some time and I don't really fancy having to do it all again in PIL, is there an easy way to copy playlists from iTunes or M3U and convert them into track groups. I already have the songs imported into play ot live, just not in catagories. Thanks!
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Hello Cameron.

I understand the problem but I can't think of a way.

Unfortunately (as I understand it) iTunes keeps the track metadata separate from the files rather than writing it all in tags.

There may be some form of iTunes metadata manipulation software (if you go down that path take a copy of your library before doing anything to it).

It's a lot of work, and probably not something you now want to do retrospectively but I found to create a PlayIt Live library making a folder structure matching the categories you want to have and dumping tracks as appropriate in to that works OK.

You could then import in to iTunes from those folders but it doesn't work for your existing library.

As a more general observation, PlayIt Live has different applications to iTunes so possibly keeping each application to what it is best at might be the way to go.