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"Last played time" not showing

On tracks it shows when the track was last played. However this seems to disappear after a while.

We have a load of interviews we are loading in and people will remember these so we want to see even when they were played 3-4 weeks ago.

Why is this disappearing and can we make it stay for longer?


Hi Samuel,

Currently PlayIt Live only shows the last played time for the past 24 hours due to the time required to read back through the logs to determine when the track was last played. I did not envisage users caring if a particular track was played weeks ago.


Is it possible to record this data in the database file (last played date and time) thus speeding things up anyway and then it can keep it for weeks.

Reading it from the log means that all plays can be recorded, not just the last played. I will investigate extending the range to be greater than 24 hours, I was just concerned about performance when initially implementing it.

For us we would like to look at about a month but we only need the last played, so we don't repeat things too soon like our 5 minute long interviews. A database entry would be the quickest and would surely speed up your play out rules that stop songs being scheduled again too soon?

I've been running into this same issue. Last Played information seems to be inconsistently displayed.