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Crossfade between tracks

Is it possible to crossfade between tracks? I have a lot of tracks which have been ripped from "in the mix" CD's so have harsh starts/ends. The tracks do seem to fade out, but the next track can start with a bang!


Judging by the lack of response, I guess not.


There is a degree of crossfade in the transition between tracks and you can tag tracks with start, vocal and fade points. What PlayIt Live isn't is a DJ app in the sense of performance DJing. For that, have a look at MIXXX.
Thanks Mark,
I was thinking more for when using the Auto DJ function, to get a nicer transitions from one track to another.


I would experiment with the track start and end tags. As a more general observation, the few CD rips I have from mixed CDs (something I try and avoid) are not clean in that you can hear the previous song in the track start. MP3 cut (I think that is the name) will let you edit MP3s without decoding and re-encoding but can only cut at block boundaries due to the structure of MP3 files. That may clean up the song but the start will be missing. Occasionally you can download the tracks "clean" if you have the mixed CD, I bought the Nile Rogers "Disco Inferno" CD (showing my age!) which is a mix but the Amazon downloads are the tracks clean which I was very pleased with.
That would appear to be an awful lot of work, to do this for every track.
Maybe tweaking the seagues...?