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No fade?


Will this work when setup in a clock to fade the last song so that it hits the time marker without fading my ads (which are marked as no fade?)

xx-56-04: Song

xx-58-04: Jingle

xx-58-06: Song




xx-59-50: Fixed Time Marker

xx-59-50: News In Jingle

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Hi Josh,

What you are describing is 'back-timing' which PlayIt Live cannot currently do. The No Fade option only stops the track from fading out when the cue out point is reached, instead of using the default fade time from settings.

I would suggest having a fixed length ad break (say 1m30) fixed at xx:58:20, ensuring that all your ads are equal length (say 30s) and then playing your news jingle at 59:50. So your clock would read:

xx-56-04: Song 

xx-58-20: Fixed Time Marker (Hard) /* song may be faded out at fixed time marker */

xx-58-20: Advert

xx-58-50: Advert

xx-59-20: Advert

xx-59-50: News In Jingle

Hope this helps.