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audioplugin doesnt work

bypass and enable everything. play with some options like club or rock etc. change equalizer options etc. sound still the same like before i bought the plugin. i change every option but there is nothing happened with the sound.

Hi Elroy,

Bypass all must be off if you want the audio processing to be active.with each section enabled that you want to be active.

I am aware of one issue where the processing isn't always immediately applied to the currently playing track but is applied to subsequent tracks.

If this is still not working, please can you post a screenshot of your settings. If this is still a problem I will process a refund of your plugin purchase.

Kind regards,


Elroy Heesbeen replied 12 minutes ago (Mon, 22 May at 3:52 PM)

i think ive got it....:-)

Seeing the same here, though as of a month or so ago it did indeed work. And worked very well.