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The sound is not as i wish without the audioplugin. Is there a solution to get a better sound? I downloaded version 1.16

PlayIt Live seems to be "neutral" to sound as far as I can tell. The sound is faithful to the source files.

If you want processing there is a plug in or you could use external processing.

If your problem is level differences then try MP3gain.

If you want "creative" DJ software look at Mixxx. That has much more adjustment but isn't really suiited to radio playout.

Mark Thank you for your advice and information. I will search for mp3gain. This should be helpful as i see and also i will buy the audio plugin which i havent yet installed.

For MP3gain see

There are two related issues and MP3gain and the PlayIt live processing do different things.

MP3gain will (as far as is possible) make the subjective loudness of all your MP3 files similar. Other than an overall gain shift the file is unaltered.

The PlayIt live processing attempts to make the files sound "better". There are plenty of parameters to change and I recommend caution as it is easier to make things sound worse than better with processing !

I would start off with a bit of gentle AGC and see how that sounds on decent speakers.

Mark i bought and installed the audio plugin but nothing changed. i set it all in bypass but the sound is exactly the same like without the plugin. what do i wrong? settings? elroy
Hello Elroy, It doesn't do anything in bypass. Try the AGC at various settings first and see what you think then compression as well.
okay i will do that. thankx
i bought equalizerpro too especially for pc better sound