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Recommended Soundcard


I understand you can assign each 'deck' in "playitlive" to a sound card. 

I want to use 4 decks in my 'playitlive', operating on a dedicated broadcast / playout computer. I'd like to send a separate signal from each deck, to a separate channel on a broadcast mixer. Can you please recommend a suitable sound card that will enable me to do this?

Many Thanks for your help

With Kind regards

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Hello Stuart,

There are a few "legacy" devices that you might find on ebay but in terms of a current product, the only thing I know of is the ESI Gigaport HD+

While I don't have this device, I have the smaller UDJ6 which is good.

There are many 2 stereo channel devices, a few 3  stereo channel devices but this is the only current 4 stereo channel devices I know.