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Keeps crashing

Hello everybody,
I am having huge problems with PlayIt Live regarding how frequently it crashes. I am asking for some advice and help on how to stop the system from crashing.
Kindest Regards,

Hello Isaac,


For unrelated reasons I did a clean install of PlayIt Live version on a newly installed Widows 7 machine and the audio stopped after a couple of minutes.

I thought it was the sound card driver but, in desperation, I installed the new beta version - 27 April 2017 and that SEEMS to have fixed the problem.

You might find that is worth a try.

Hello Isaac, I've had PlayIt Live running 24x7 on a fairly basic Windows 7 machine and it is stable. I've had some issues with a sound card (the ESS U46DJ) but I'm reasonably convinced it is the sound card ASIO driver. PlayIt Live will run for days or weeks without issue. There is, however, very little else running on the machine. I recommend a clean operating system install and nothing else on a machine you want to use for playout. What sound card are you using and is it stable with other sound devices?