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Sound card+looping

Hi! I've been using RadioDJ for a year to run my internet radio station, but I missed some important functions like the segue editor. About a week ago, I found Play it live. It's good, but I've two problems: 1: The sound card: At the moment, my station is running with two cards. One PCI 7.1 card, and a Focusrite Scarlet Solo. The second card acts as the stereo program input. It receieves the main output signal from the mixer. The signal is routed to BUTT for the stream. The other card handles the playout. In RadioDJ it is possible to route different signal sources (main player, cartwall, cue etc.) to different outputs. For example: main program comes from L/R output, the carts from cen/LFE. In play it live I can't set it up. It only brings one opportunity. It routs every signal to the main L/R output. So... my question is how to set up a multichannel soundcard? 2.: loops: I know that I can set up loops using the carts, but I need to have them in the playout log. In RadioDJ I had loop points. We operates with a lot of BEDs. For example in a talkshow a loop always going under the talking. In RDJ I just toggled the loop function. Yesterday I had an idea. Pre edited 10-15 minutes long files. It could be a solution for loops but it would be hard to calculate with time when building my playlist. So... Is there any possible solution for that?

Hello B László,

At a guess, you used an ASIO driver with your 7.1 sound card and RadioDJ. Possibly ASIO4ALL.

For reasons unknown to me, ASIO4ALL support stopped in PlayIt Live  from 31 Aug 2016 (v1.12.2.1295).

If you use ASIO4ALL then a version before that, say

would be worth a try.

Other ASIO drivers work well in later versions but not ASIO4ALL.

I use a similar solution to you with PlayIt Live, I (now) have an ESI USB sound card (the U46DJ) for multiple channels of play it live.

I documented a previous setup with a 5.1 sound card (similar to your setup) at

You may find this of interest.

If you can provide more info on how the 7.1 sound card presents (in both RadioDJ and PlayIt Live) I may have further ideas.

What PlayIt Live can't do (sadly) is pick channels of a 5.1 or 7.1 card to send different players to. Without ASIO it seems to only see the first stereo pair from my experience.

Making long beds seems a good solution to your loop problem.

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Hi Mark! Thank you! :) I've got Focusrite Asio and Asio4all drivers. You wrote that the newest playit version would be able to run with Asio drivers except 4all. My system uses VIA HD Audio for my multichannel card. The another asio driver cannot work with the PCI sound card. RadioDj can handle VIA HD, (Second image) but playit not. So... I'm not using Asio4All at all for playout. Is there any possible way to get it work? If this problem has a solution, I'll immediately change from RDJ to PlayIt.
(3.75 MB)
(4.55 MB)
Hello again, The two screenshots illustrate the basic problem. Radio DJ allows you to select the outputs of its players to the 7.1 channel PCI sound card as stereo pairs (I can see it allows front speakers, rear speakers etc. To be selected). PlayIt Live doesn't support this. With an older version of PlayIt Live, ASIO4ALL should allow you to see the stereo pairs of your 7.1 channel card. My experience of ASIO4ALL has been a bit mixed but it is worth a try. Set a system restore point before starting just in case you need to undo it all. You should use the Focusrite driver for that card and ASIO4ALL with the 7.1 card and an older version of PlayIt Live. See how that goes. I needed to select 6 channel mode on my 5.1 card driver before it worked with ASIO4ALL. You may need some similar setting.