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"Echo" In Final Broadcast Output

Hi Guys 

New to this side of it. I'm setting up an internet station broadcasting using PlayIt Live through Voicemeeter Banana via 'Shoutcast', 

I've removed all of the traces of Altacast from a previous set up and now only on PlayIt Live and the PlayIt Live Plug in and added DFX audio Enhancer which has made a real difference in the output quality.

However I'm hearing a very small delay in the output from Shoutcast which is causing an echo.

I haven't even attempted to add my external mixer yet (Soundcraft EPM 8). 

Grateful for any advice, 

Many thanks


As a general observation, I would expect delay in listening to any audio that has been through a PC. 

If you are listening post "DFX audio Enhancer" that will have some latency independent of anything else.

I suggest PlayIt Live fed to your mixer (presented on multiple channels if possible).

Mix in the mic on the mixer (with some limiting/processing on the mic channel(s) only if possible).

Take the mixed programme back in to the PC (or another) and process it then stream the result.

Only listen to the mixer output other than for "off air" check "confidence" purposes.

There will be latency but it won't bother you.

Many thanks for your reply Mark It has gone from bad to worse it almost sounds as if I have two sources playing a second apart along with horrendous distortions all over the place and a huge loss of volume. I'll probably rip it out and start again tonight.

Hello Joe,

Start with getting PlayIt Live working to a single mixed sound card output. That should be fine.

Assuming you use an external mixer, the next stage is to get the input from that working to the streaming plug in directly,  perhaps from a different source. Assuming that is where your processing is inserted, also put that in.

Finally loop PlayIt Live via the mixer and check that is clean.

Everything (except presenting PlayIt Live on different mixer channels) should now work.

By the way Joe, quite a nice mixer choice. You could have 2 players from PlayIt Live on the stereo channels and there seems to be a monitor return which could be used for "Pre Fade Listen" from the track prehear facility.

Depending on budget, many of the "DJ" style sound cards would be OK. The ESI UDJ6 will give 3 stereo channels or you could use something like the ReLoop Play for the 2 main channels and the PC sound output for prehear.

Thanks Mark

Thankfully I've got it broadcasting again. I'll need to tweak the audio processing as there are a few songs with a bit of a 'shhhhh' on the high end. I'll keep tinkering and then tackle the external mixer. Thanks for all your help



Hello Joe, Once everything is going well if you could do a write up of your setup with a few photos I would find it interesting and I'm sure others would as well. I use B.U.T.T. for streaming as I prefer it's metering to the built in facility in PlayIt Live. I use a Behringer hardware processor (primarily for limiting but it has split band compression) rather than a software product. This is also because the PC I use is a bit antique.