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Filtered Track Group – New Songs

Hey people! 

I have got a little problem trying to create a Filtered Track Group called New Songs, in which I put songs that were added less than or equal to 10 days ago. Somehow it doesn't filter my songs and it just adds all songs into the Track Group. Is this a bug, or is there something wrong with my perception of Filtered Track Groups?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lotte

This looks like a bug. I will investigate.



Did this ever get sorted?  I tried the same last night for 30 days and it worked filtering greater than 30 days, but didn't work for less than 30 days - even though I had added tracks less than an hour before trying the filter?




I haven't found a solution yet.




I've managed to replicate this issue. I will resolve this for the next version.

To confirm, this issue has been resolved in PlayIt Live 2.03 -