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"Now Playing" plug in help

simple enough question (I think)

I just bought the "now playing" plug in and noticed the text file it "outputs" to does not update itself automatically, you need to close the file and open again for it to actually show you what's song is playing at the moment (every time a song finish)

so how the hell do you make it automatic?

I'm using this for OBS to stream on Twitch, I'm doing a window capture to show the file where the plug in shows the "current song" and I can't close/open the file manually everytime a song finishes, isn't this supposed to be automatic?

Hi there,

I am not entirely sure what you are trying to do. What are you using to show the now playing file? If you are opening the now playing file in notepad, it only loads the contents of the file when it starts, and does not update when the underlying file is updated. This is the expected behaviour of notepad.

Some software I can recommend that can show the live contents of a file is BareTail:

Hopefully this will do what you want to achieve.

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thanks! as you said the problem was the note pad open, I was trying to do a window capture in OBS, when instead it was a text capture, and then the "read from file" option.

it works now thanks!