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Songs get stuck or skipping during play

 When I'm playing songs,everything is fine,when I start the encoder,whatever song is playing gets stuck for a few seconds.During those few seconds I lose the stream,I reconnect and the same thing happens again.Any idea what could be wrong?

Not enough processor power is the simple answer. Why is more interesting. For me PlayIt Live runs fine on a 10 year old windows 7 machine, even streaming it runs at 20-30% cpu and only glitches if I run update or anti virus scans. It is an otherwise clean install however. What else is running?

my windows 7 machine worked fine till downloaded 2.03.

Now it skipping all files, carts and players..

please respond to

I will reply here so everyone can benefit from the answer. Email support is reserved for users with a support plan.

It depends which version of PlayIt Live you upgraded from so it is difficult to say what the issue may be. I would suggest checking your audio device selections via File > Settings. These can get switched around. Ensure you confirm the selections by clicking OK so the settings are saved