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Playing AIFF files

I have a large library of music in AIFF format, either 16/44.1 for CD rips or 24/48 or 24/96 for analogue restorations. We have only one single MP3 file and that's because the music wasn't available in any other format. With storage being so cheap (and we have quite a lot of it) there's never been any need to have any compressed format. We settled on using AIFF files as they are much better than WAVS for storing metadata and that matters to our customers who use us for audio restoration purposes. So after all that waffle, will PlayIt recognise and play this file format? It would be a real pain to start converting and saving files in two formats, just for radio purposes.   

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Hi Lee,

While I have not tested it, AIFF files should be supported by the BASS audio engine used by PlayIt Live.