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How to "say time" every hour

I want my radio to stop the current track, say the time every hour (sharp), play a radio signature track, and proceed to the next track in the Playout Pattern.

Looking at how Clocks/Clock Schedule work, I did as follows:

1. Added 12 clocks, each containing 3 entries:

- A fixed time marker, with the hour (01:00, 2:00, etc), Hard (to be o'clock sharp)
- A track saying "it's  one o'clock," or "it's two o' clock", etc.
- A track with my radio signature.

2. Added 24 Clock Schedules, one on each hour, to Repeat, Daily.Forever.

Result: It kind-of works, but the "say time" tracks, instead of showing up at e.g. 8:00, are delayed by one or more tracks, sometimes coming up at 8.12, several tracks later.

Question: What can I be doing wrong ? Should I set the clocks to play in the schedule for the hour before, may be ? Example, set the 8:00 time marker to be part of a clock schedule starting at 7:00 ? 

Hi Pedro,

The way you have described is the way I would set up this scenario. This does not sound like it is behaving as I would expect.

Let me see if I can reproduce this problem.



Ok thank you.

I'll add my group track setup, may be it has to do with my specific config:
Track Groups: 5 groups,  A(730 tracks) B(352 tracks) C(466 tracks) D(33 tracks) E(1 track)

Playout Pattern: AEDBEDCED
Playout Policy: do not play track for 12 hrs, artist for 0 hrs. Apply it to A B C

The "say time" tracks are not part of any group.

One thing I noticed is that I never see the Fixed timed markers (that I added to the Clocks) in the main window list (below the decks). I can only see them when I click manually on "Specia"l and drag a Fixed time Marker to the list. 

Hi Pedro,

Please could you attach a screenshot of how you have configured your clock (via the Manage > Clocks screen) and how you have scheduled your clock (via Manage > Clock Schedule...)



Problem solved after an app crash while editing the clocks. After restart, several changes I was making were lost so I started a fresh set of clocks creating a fixed marker first set to 00:00 on every clock, and only then added the "say time" tracks. It's been working till now and the fixed markers do show up at o'clock sharp.
I guess it's the usual software shananigans...but tx for the support. I'll make a donation when it proves to be stable over a weekly basis.

Only thing I'm not too keen is PlayItLive.exe talking to every minute, may be checking updates.