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Server Set o Public

Hi there, anyone know how I can set my server to public? From what I understand, this is done through the Internet Broadcast Plugin - but I'm not sure?

Adam, it would be useful to know a little more about the setup you are using.

Assuming it is PlayIt Live connecting to a Shoutcast server on a different computer (perhaps on the Internet) the public setting is on the Shoutcast server configuration rather than the streaming client.

talks about "Public", see "sc_serv_public".

The many streaming platform providers have various ways of making your stream "public" (listed in the Shoutcast directory).

At a guess, you may actually mean "how do I enable other people to connect to my stream" which is rather a different question.

Hi Mark, thanks for this. I am in the process of migrating from Radionomy as a server to Internet-radio. While in the process of setting this up, they were talking about having my server set to public so that directories, such as Shoutcast, would automatically list my station. In talking with my new provider, I was assuming this was done through the broadcast plugin, but from what you have said, it is not. Thanks for the tip, will go and have a good read!

Adam, there isn't anywhere obvious in the PlayIt Live streaming client for a "Public" setting (which might be communicated to the streaming server). My guess is that the platform will allow you to set this on their server.

Thanks for your help Mark.