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Hi. Please forgive the subject I know it's not playout related but I keep getting contradicting answers. I have a VGA output and a HDMI output. I run my monitor from the VGA output on the pc and I would like to extend the display with a second VGA monitor. Can I buy a HDMI to VGA adapter, will this work? I understand that VGA is analogue and HDMI is digital so does this work? Thanks for your help. Chris

Hi Chris

You would need to have a graphics card on your PC that has a second output in order to plug a second monitor into it. If you only have a single output there is no way for the PC to know there is a second monitor to display.


PS. I've moved this to General Discussion

I did this with an extra graphics card as Jason suggested and then just go to settings Display and you will see the monitor selections. You can buy usb vga adaptors, but not sure if up to the job.
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