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Change Group

Firstly, thank you for this great software.  I'm changing over from another product and my groups are set up as were the categories in the previous software.

So I've imported all my tracks into hold categories

60s Hold

70s Hold

80s Hold


Now I want to move the ones that I don't mind being available for selection into the actual categories





Also A list and B list will need changing as new tracks come about

So how do I re-assign the group that a track is added to?

Hi Jason

Just to confirm the easiest way to do this is to overwrite the PlayIt manager database with PlayIt Live database, perform the changes and then put the database back to the PlayIt Live folder.

Manipulating the database in 3rd party software wouldn't be much easier than doing it in PlayIt Live as the songs are assigned to the category rather than the category to the song but mix fix above seems to do the job.

Thanks again for your help