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Change Group

Firstly, thank you for this great software.  I'm changing over from another product and my groups are set up as were the categories in the previous software.

So I've imported all my tracks into hold categories

60s Hold

70s Hold

80s Hold


Now I want to move the ones that I don't mind being available for selection into the actual categories





Also A list and B list will need changing as new tracks come about

So how do I re-assign the group that a track is added to?

I think I may have found the solution but I'm hoping someone can tell me there's a way to do it more efficiently.

If a track is in 80s Hold and I want to move it to 80s I have to remove it from the category it's in and add it to the category I want it in? 

Hi Mark,

This is the recommended way of doing it in PlayIt Live. However, it is possible to move tracks from listed track group to listed track group using a drag and drop interface in PlayIt Manager.

Thank you Jason

I have downloaded and installed PlayIt Manager and PlayIt Live says it is connected following the instructions but I can't see any of the tracks in PlayIt Live nor PlayIt Manager?

I tried it on my main computer now as well as my DJ computer.  I installed PlayIt Live and PlayIt Manager on the main computer and copied the data file across.  I can see the tracks in Playit Live until I connect PlayIt Manager then it goes just like the DJ computer and I can't see the data in either programme.

What might it be that's stopping me from seeing the data to be able to edit it?

When I look carefully at the "log" in PlayIt Live I changes to connected then disconnected however the status still says Conneceted in bold?

Hi Mark

PlayIt Manager starts with a clean database. PlayIt Live then synchronises with the PlayIt Manager database. At this point, it is not possible to import data from PlayIt Live to PlayIt Manager and data must be managed via PlayIt Manager.

Hi Jason

I've connected PlayIt Live to PlayIt Manager following the instructions and the database dissappears from PlayIt Live but it never appears in PlayIt Manager.

One of two things happens.

1) When connecting the status changes to connected and this shows in the log but in the log this is immediately followed by disconnected.The status shows as connected however and the database isn't visible in either

2) If PlayIt Live stays connected to PlayIt Manager then the database isn't visible in PlayIt Live but neither is is visible in PlayIt Manager

Number 1 is the more common problem but neither of them actually show the database in play it manager to edit nor in PlayIt Live to continue playing the current log

I'm afraid to say I'm totally confused by this

Hi Mark,

I would not expect the PlayIt Live database to appear in PlayIt Manager. PlayIt Manager is a completely separate database from PlayIt Live. It is designed to be set up first, and then PlayIt Live connects to it and shares its data.

Once connected to PlayIt Manager, you need to manage all your data via PlayIt Manager. You need to add tracks, track groups and manage your log from there. Then you will see the data in PlayIt Live.

I am not sure why you are seeing the incorrect 'disconnected' status, I will investigate this.


The problem is I don't see any data in PlayIt Manager to manage there? I have connected PlayIt Live to PlayIt Manager to move tracks between categories but I don't see any of the tracks I've added via PlayIt Live nor any of the data. Is it possible to do what I'm looking to do?

Hi Mark,

The reason why you do not see any data in PlayIt Manager is because it is empty. It is a complete separate database. In order to benefit from the Move Tracks feature, you will have to add your tracks and track groups again to PlayIt Manager so they will now exist in the PlayIt Manager database and be managed by PlayIt Manager.

Hi Jason Thank you for the clarification. That wasn't what I was looking to do. I just want to be able to manipulate the data I already have easily and then manage it from PlayIt Live again. I have imported all the songs into hold categories and now want to move the tracks that should be selected for rotation out of the hold categories into the categories the clocks will be based on. Also A, B and recurrent will need regular weekly changes. This isn't something that can be done within PlayIt Manager and then handed back to PlayIt Live? With over 10,000 tracks to categorise correctly moving them out of and into categories in Play It Live the official way will obviously take far too long as it's a two step process for each song. Is it possible to edit the database in an external application?

From what I've read of your description PlayIt Manager isn't the answer to what I'm looking to do, I want to be able to manage my data in PlayIt Live but I need to correctly categorise 10,000 plus tracks first otherwise I can't schedule a single clock

I've downloaded db Browser for SQ Lite but I can't read the data to enable me to change it?  The attached file shows what db Browser makes of the database.

There must surely be a way to re-categorise the tracks into the right category so I can schedule clocks and any help to find that way (which I'm happy to then undertake at my own risk to my own data) would be much appreciated :)


Hi Mark,

I'm afraid the only way to move tracks from track group to track group in PlayIt Live is to edit one track group to remove the tracks and edit another to add them again. The Move Tracks feature implemented in PlayIt Manager may be added to PlayIt Live in the future but it is not currently on my roadmap.

The database browser for the GUID column will show garbage as this is how the data is stored for the `uniqueidentifier` column in SQLite (binary). To edit your track groups in the database you need to filter your Type to 'Track Group' and find the correct XML entry to edit (it has an attribute Name to find the correct track group by name and is of type Listed).

You need to stop PlayIt Live before making changes to the database as everything in the Objects table is preloaded so changes will not be picked up until PlayIt Live is restarted.

Disclaimer: I cannot support or assist you any further on this. If you break your database I cannot recover it for you. Please make backups.



Thanks Jason.  I will have a play with this