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DJing and no Microhone

I  use  playit  mainly  ot  Dj  over a  virtual  world  second  life  where i  DJ  events and  clubs and  such  however  with   the  microphone  extension  Ive  noticed   that  if  maximize  second  life to  focus  o n the  group  and  chat   that   my  microphone  refuses  to  work  wit  playit  even  after I  did a  sound  check  earlier  to make  sure it  works  fine.  My  voice is  off  on   second  life  Skype  is  off  so  nothign  should  interfere I  was  wonderingwhat I  can  do   to  fix  this


I would recommend using an external "physical" mixer and then using the output of that (via your PC sound card input) into "Second Life".

My guess is that "Second Life" doesn't see the PlayIt Live output correctly for some reason (I've never used Second Life so I can't be more specific).

I might look at a small simple mixer (like the XENYX Q502USB) for this application.

Use the PC sound card (with the PlayIt Live output on it) as an input to one of the mixer line channels, your mic into the mixer and mix on the rotary faders.

The mixer USB sound card can be the source of audio on "Second Life" (possibly it will need to be the "default sound device" and use the mixer USB sound card output as a headphone feed from "Second Life".

I think this is likely to work.

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I also use secondlife and wondering how you got PlayIt Live to work meaning hwo were you able to stream into secondlife and so forth. I am new to this so i figured why not ask on the same post as you inquire about secondlife, also if you be so helpful would you also tell me how you fixed this issue please 

Hello Joshua,

Chris never replied so we never found out how he got on. The advice still stands. However, depending on the budget, I would now look at the Yamaha AG-03. I've never touched one but on paper it looks good for this application.

Thank you, Mark what I was meaning was how do you stream music into Secondlife or any place coming new to the program. I am wanting to learn more and more about the program but not knowing where to start, further more does one have to pay service fees to even stream AKA PlayIt Live, PlayIt Manager. I would like to test drive these services and or the can you stream without these services. Reason why I posted a question here was trying to find somebody who also uses secondlife...while I know the post has been old for over a year, I was thinking by bring the post up about secondlife maybe there were live streamers that would be able to answer the question of how do you start-up in secondlife and how do you use this program, however with knowing sam broadcaster and then the reviews on this program the setup is far easier then that program any Help would Help