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mp3's added to wall

Hey everyone, i'm new to this cart wall sound board stuff, and am trying to load a few mp3 tracks and sound effects to use during my youtube game recordings. This issued i'm running into, i currently have 10 i believe carts filled, and most of them will only play about 2-5 seconds of a track then stop, even though the track still continues to play. That also being said, I attempted to add a song, mp3 to the wall, it shows the correct play time, but when i press play, it speeds into double or triple time. ALL the tracks have been confirmed working full length playing straight from the folder they are stored, but only have issues using the wall. I dont see any other options to adjust, any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Hi Chris,

Please can you confirm you are using the latest version of PlayIt Live from the website. It may be useful if you could send me a few example MP3 files that I can test to try and reproduce the issue.



Jason, no prob. I'll send them when I'm off again. Yes I'm using the current version, but what's funny is when I changed both the outputs back to my speakers they cycle fine, but when I change the player output to te virtual cable running to my software mixer just the one track acts super speed and the other 2 stop playing. When I get a chance I'm going to hook my laptop up to my xlr mixer and try playing them directly that way, and see if I get the Same results. Thanks for the reply