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Common codes and parameters

I am fairly new to PlayIt Live and it has occured to me that some of my audio tracks sound "better" than others.

In general, I am using MP3 encoded files at 320kbps and sometime  WMA when tracks are ripped from Windows Media Player.

I was wondering if someone could advise me on what audio files are supported by PlayIt Live and what is the recommended codec, bit rate and other parameters for a good quality sound.

My application is Internet Radio.  My reasoning is that as my radio stream is at maximum 128kbps, it doesn't matter what bit rate that I have on my files so long as it is at this level.  Having said that, I would prefer for the original audio channel to be as clean and as good quality as possible.  Who know one day I may want to use my setup in another application that requires good quality and I only want to rip my audio files once!

I hope that this makes sense.


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