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Fader and Button start of decks


I was wondering if anyone else had come up with an official solution to the requirement of starting / stopping the decks from a button or fader on the mixer thus negating the need to use a mouse or keyboard when doing live work?

I have developed a solution that is by no means perfect but I was hoping for something that would do the job properly rather than my solution that emulates keyboard presses when a button on the mixer is pressed.


Hi Stephen. 

Can you share your solution with us?

Also do you know if it's possible to assign each deck to a fader on a mixer? If so how is it most easily done - with an external sound card?

Many Thanks and kind regards.


Hello Stuart,

I use 2 different players and a separate cue/card channel on a mixer.

I've done a couple of write ups of this kind of topic.

A fairly general write up of multi output audio:

and sound cards:

Currently my "live" system uses the ESI U46DJ (I've other sound cards from them) which I could write up in detail if needed.

It doesn't leave my LAN but this has run streaming 24x7 for months with the only stability problems seemingly cured by turning off Windows Update.

I've a similar "experimental" system which has "issues" I'm working on when I get time but PlayIt Live and an ASIO sound card can be very stable.

Also worth a look if you can get it cheaply is the Hercules DJ Trim 4&6.

This has ASIO support and while it is aimed at a different market it will give 3 stereo channels on phono sockets.

I would say the ASIO driver for this is the best I've seen although I now use mine with Mixxx on an old Mac Book so no need for drivers as it supports core audio.