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Overlay or sweepers

 there is a way to work with overlay or sweepwrs?

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Sweepers are not currently supported but planned for the future. Please show your support for this feature by voting here:


I was wondering how to talk over a song or do a break in playit live


if i already have a mixing board how do i talk over a song on playit live



In the simplest case, you have a microphone on one mixer channel which is faded up when you want to talk and adjusted so that when faded up the level occasionally reaches the "peak" on the mixer (makes the red lights flash occasionally). You have PlayIt Live on a second mixer channel set to a similar level then when you want to "talk over", fade the music as needed (try half way down and see how it sounds).

Some mixers have a "talk over" function to do this automatically but doing it by hand usually sounds best.

OK, so ...

What do Overlays or sweepers have to do with PlayIt Recorder? Don't get it?   :-)

Hi Adam,

Looks like the wrong category was selected when the post was created. I've moved it to PlayIt Live :)