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Suggested hardware ?

I've just started to dabble with PlayIt and I'm trying it on a small Windows 7 netbook that runs Mixxx and the free edition of Virtual DJ OK. For both of these programs I use the Numark DJ IO two channel audio interface. Although I've yet to try this with PlayIt, it seems likely that it will work fine, but it will need one (stereo) channel for the players (as mixed by PlayIt) and the other for cue. Is there a recommended three (stereo) channel interface that works with ASIA and PlayIt ? Ideally with something other than 3.5mm jacks as well. Also what about a small keyboard with say 8 keys for stop and start that can be mapped to PlayIt hot keys ?

and ASIA should read ASIO.

Having now tried the Numark DJ IO I can confirm it works OK as far as a quick test will reveal. I've used the Numark DJ IO extensively with other software and it seems fine (with Windows 7 at least).

Slightly surprisingly it appears once as an ASIO device (listing each audio output pair) and once (probably only playing to the first output) as a "conventional" Windows Audio device.

I've also tried using a Bluetooth headset as a second device for cue (the laptop output as main) that also works OK.

If you want to buy a Numark DJ IO, the one I've tried is the original, there is a newer version which only has one of the two stereo channels presented as phono sockets. It also claims not to need a driver (quite how this is achieved I don't know - perhaps by including a USB hub and looking like 2 sound cards).

Amazon UK have the one I have tested listed as "Numark DJIO DJ Audio Interface for All DJ Software" at about £45 as I write this. Probably not bad for the money.

Great post Mark!
I've had the pleasure of setting up a few PlayIt powered radio stations now. All have had hardware variations in relation to the sound cards. Can't say I've had a single compatibility issues so far.

Recently used the classic Maya44 card which provides 4ch I/O ( 2x Stereo In and 2x Stereo Out).

Have also used the Maya EX5 (DISCONTINUED) on windows 7. This gives 3x stereo outputs and 1x stereo input. That set up had two main players and the cartwall with dedicated channels on the outboard mixer. Mixer audio including microphones was looped back to the computer and pointed to the broadcast encoder. Worth keeping an eye on eBay and Gumtree for the Maya EX5 for those on a tight budget.

Another tried and tested sound card is the Traktor Audio 6 by native instruments. The native instruments sound cards (Audio 2, 4, 6 and 8 ) are not cheap but you will hear an obvious improvement of audio quality at 24Bit (same as the NumarkDJIO) compared to the budget 16Bit products like the Maya brand. 

I've yet to use a PCI card. Anybody here using one? What's your PlayIt set up look like? 

Many thanks for your kind comments Chris.

I can't really see how playout software with a manual mixer can really be used with less than 3 stereo sound feeds.

I think I need "now", "next" (both of which normally run with open faders) and a third channel which would normally be closed for prehear/cue and can be opened to play "carts".

I suppose because DJ controllers tend to have the mixing in software and produce a finished mixed output, the DJ market (which will be 99% of the market) only seems to have a program output plus a headphone output.

Because (I guess) of the product lifecycles, few multi channel "DJ" mixers integrate with software much and those that allow for USB input typically only have a single stereo channel.

There seems to be a gap in the market for the 3 stereo channel card (a 1.5 x the "Reloop Play" is, I suppose, what I would like).

So far I'm just dabbling with PlayIt and my set up is a Behringer DX2000 (the original non-USB one). My plan is to put PlayIt on 3 channels of that.

In the medium term I'm looking to replace the DX2000 but I'm not sure what with. Every mixer I look at I don't like for some reason. I quite like the Rodec BX14 but that is quite expensive for a hobby project, is a channel short of my desired number (at least 5 stereo lines) and I think they are stopping making it anyway !

My favorite mixer is an old Maplin unit (the SA2020) but I've never seen anything as good since.

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Hi Mark,
I agree with you bud. A serious lack of 3ch stereo sound cards. Have never seen the 1.5 Reloop Play before now, it looks interesting and is priced very well. When you get your hands on one be sure to tell us how you get on with it. Perhaps you can make a quick Utube review and set up instructions with PlayIt Live so other folks can see how it all works together.

Oh! Did you know if you're handy with a soldering iron and have a spare £10.00 there is a DIY hack available to make your DX2000 mixer music start switches work with PlayIt Live's players?  


ASIO NOTE: I neglected to mention my other post that I've yet to have PlayIt live work with the Maya sound cards without a little help from ASIO FOR ALL running in the background. Once installed and set up it works.


Slight confusion over the Reloop Play.

It is a twin (stereo) output card (thus capable of "now" and "next") but does not have a third channel for cue.

I need a "one and a half" version of it (sadly not made) as my ideal sound card.

I'm very interested in your suggestion to make the mixer starts work with the "PlayIt Live". More details most welcome (perhaps as a new thread).

I can wield an Antex fairly well, although with lead free solder and surface mount devices I try and avoid it.

I've a few reels of the "proper stuff" which I can use on D-Types OK.