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Playit Cartwall configuration file

Hi All,

I am playing around with this nice Playit Cartwall.

But when I setup several carts, say one for tuesday, one for wednesday and so on. I made a whole setup at home on my computer.

Now I want the same setup on my computer in the radio station.

So I was searching for a file with the configuration I made at home and then load this into the computer at the radio station.

Sadly I could not find a ini file or whatever where the setup you made is saved..

So the question is : is there a possibility for this ?

Maybe if it is not, is there a possibility to have a save function for this in future release?

Thanks and to everyone a wonderfull 2023!

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Hi Paul. Happy New Year.

The PlayIt Cartwall data is located at C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Cartwall. This is a hidden folder, so it is best to enter this path into the address bar or via the Run window (right-click Start button and click Run).

Copy this folder to your other computer in the same location. You will need to ensure that any audio files you have dropped into PlayIt Cartwall are in the exact same location on the radio station computer as they are on your home computer, otherwise it will not be able to find the audio file to load the cart. If it cannot load the audio file, the cart will appear empty.

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