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Load carts via command line script?

Hi there - 

We've been using PlayIt Live for some time now and we most of us love it.

We've also been using Station Playlist for spots via their cart wall.

But would like to reduce reliance on Station Playlist and use PlayIt Live instead.  One thing stops us - our spots are all loaded into the carts wall via a script (currently a Powershell script) that tells Station Playlist what cart number to load the audio file into.  This is mainly so hosts don't have to drag and drop files which would confuse some of them immensely.

Is there any CLI capability with PlayIt that might accommodate such a thing?  I can get around their fear of deleting the file by right clicking (simple option change) but I can't figure out how to load the files in the same place for everyone with a simple script run on demand.

Thanks for any ideas!

Hi there,

I'm afraid it is not currently possible to dynamically load content into the cartwall via a script. An HTTP API is planned for the future under the Remote Management module but I cannot give an indication of when this would be available.

Thanks, Jason - 
I figured as much which isn't (or shouldn't be) a big deal - just have to get some hosts comfortable with a simple concept of drag 'n drop.  


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