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Scheduler / Programme import

Hello there -

I'm setting up PlayIt Recorder (v2.02.2.537) on a new Win10 machine and am hoping to grab the appropriate files off the old machine that would save me the time of recreating a schedule & program.  The old machine was running XP and the version was v1.05.2.213.

I do see the 4 XML files inside the Application Data\PlayIt Recorder folder: RecordingDetails.xml, ScheduleItem.xml, Recording.xml, and settings.xml.

Is it as simple as copying some of those xml files to the new machine?

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Well.... I was able to set up the new files & programming on the new machine in about 30 seconds - so no point in trying to import something that was this easy.

My apologies!  I would delete this post if I could!

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