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Schedule Automation

 We are currently investigating automating our 24hr scheduling using Play It Live. We will be setting up Dropbox folders for all our recorded programmes and trying to find some way of scanning these and automatically loading them into Play It Live as they are replaced

We are just wondering if anyone has looked at this. Some of the 'bigger' stations use Myriad, an auto importer tool (unspecified), Office 365 and one drive.

Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for that. I have recently discovered Monitored Folders and will now look into it in detail. Sounds as if this is exactly what we are looking for.

Thanks again for a great program which we find so useful.

Hi Derek,

Please take a look at the Monitored Folders feature in PlayIt Live. This can automatically import tracks from a folder as it is updated. You can automatically add these to a track group and schedule this track group as part of clocks to include this in your automation.

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