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Clocks and Clock Scheduling

Here is my scenario:
Radio GH is a not for profit 24/7 specialist internet only radio station licensed by PRS/PPL and run from 2 studios (West & East) approx 80 miles apart. We specialise in Scottish music and song.
We have 15 shows either 1 hour or 2 hours long recorded and renewed once a week. These are repeated at several times throughout the week. We use Play It Live with it's Broadcast Plugin to stream our output to our streaming provider.
Added to that output, we also broadcast a show live for 2 hours on a Sunday night and live shows at lunchtime Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The live shows are streamed to our streaming provider via BUTT which automatically overrides PlayIt Live. We also record the live output for later repeat transmissions.
This whole system works extremely well.
However, since I do all the scheduling and run it 24/7 from the West studio, I'm looking for a simpler, less time consuming scheduling process than the one currently adopted of manually loading all programmes into Play It Live every day. I've started to look at producing clocks and clock schedules but I'm stuck a bit on this.
My question is this: If I produce clocks for every show and make a clock schedule for say two months, I need to change the programme held in each clock only once a week after the last repeat of the show for that week gone past. Will changing the show in the clock be replicated in all the clock events for the two months of scheduling?
I'd be happy to have any advice on this topic (which may have been discussed before but I cannot find it).

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