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PlayItLive throws out a few of my 40 songs, saying it can't find.

I don't do LIVE SHOWS anymore, whilst using PlayItLive  for the following reasons.  I select my 40 tracks to fill my 2 hour show and I check all 40 songs  to make certain they are audible and of good quality, before loading the folder into PlayItLive.    Once the file is loaded, my Play Sequence  is in Alphabetical order, but  this isn't a problem.  I select each song to coincide with my preferred play order , by dragging them onto the Player and I'm all ready to go.   Part of the way into the show, PlayItLive  throws out some of those songs with a message saying it cannot find the song.  

Question:      If I've previously selected these tracks for my new show and they played ok on my Desktop, why does PlayItLive   refuse to play them?  This is very disruptive during a show!  I've been using PlayItLive for almost 2 years and I'm finding this problem very tiresome!  Aged 73 years. 

It's hard to be sure what the problem is but my guess is the files have been moved between you trying them and your show.

I would recommend a workflow as follows:

1) Make a folder called "Show week 50" (or whatever under music on the computer.

2) Put copies of your chosen 40 songs in that folder

3) Add that folder to the library in a new group called "week 50". See the documentation for "Add New Tracks Wizard Window". Get PlayIt Live to set the in and out point

4) Once added select that group and drag your tracks into your chosen order into the playout log

5) To test tracks have a listen to them in the track list. You could set the intro and check you like the out point for each track at that point.

If you do this, PlayIt Live will work reliably.



Hi Mark Hawkins.  I do exactly what you have said from numbers 1-4 because this is the sensible thing to do.  Working this way for almost two years Mark, but I got a bit lost on number 5 instructions.   Are you saying that I should play the song using PlayItLive , just to have a listen before selecting the song for my Radio Show?   If I do this, PlayItLive  will definitely throw the song out, it doesn't like repeated songs.  I'm aged 73 btw.  

PlayItLive Users, is there a way to store hundreds of mp3's on the 'PlayItLive '  system,  i.e like storing records on a jukebox, for play at a later time and to just select each song as I require them for upcoming shows,  'Pick 'n' Mix ?  Is this possible with PlayItLive?  

Well Sylvia,

Firstly, there are two ways of using PlayIt Live, they are "Decks Mode (Classic)" and "Live-Assist Mode". See the manual PlayIt Live User Guide ( and click on the links to explain.

I wrote the above assuming you were using Live-Assist.


this is how "Live Assist" looks on my computer.

On any track below the playing track you can listen to it by clicking the pencil.


In my system I clicked on the track after the next one to play and if I pressed the play triangle in the window I could pre-hear the track without removing it from the list.

and yes, the PlayIt Live system can "store hundreds of mp3's on the 'PlayItLive ' system, i.e like storing records on a jukebox".

My system has perhaps 1,500 tracks in the "library" and will continuously play a selection "just like a jukebox" but without the need for a sixpence (!)

A better way to schedule tracks is to have them all in the "library" and (if you work that way) drag them from the list of tracks in the library into the playlist.

What is in the library is independent of the music files on your computer (to a degree) although the library doesn't have a copy of the music file, just a pointer to where on the computer the file is.

Hence if you "import" a file to the library it should live on your computer hard drive not a memory stick or similar.

I also recommend that the PlayIt Live library is a separate copy of your music files to any "master" library you have.

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