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Cartwall mutes other software when started.

Hi, I am running StationPlaylist Studio as my main playout software and this runs fine until I start Cartwall, at which point, the studio from the main playout disappears and a computer restart is required to get it back.
I'm using an ESI MAYA44 Xte which is a dual stereo output card. I have main playout set for Ch 1/2 and Cartwall on 3/4 but regardless, it somehow mutes the output from the card. It can still be seen bouncing up and down in Sound Manger but there is no audio. Other applications such as Winamp still get through but StationPlaylist get's killed by opening Cartwall.
The only difference between this setup and the current setup is that this is a new PC intended to replace an old one which is struggling with life.
The old machine runs Windows 7 and has an ESI MAYA PCI which is essentially and identical sound card. Cartwall does not mute the StationPlaylist audio on this machine. The new machine is Windows 10 and this is the only significant difference between them.
I have tried turning on and off exclusive card access in various combinations but this makes no difference.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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