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Playit Recoder has stopped recording

Hi all 

I wondered if you could help.

Playit Recorder wont record and I am getting this message, does anyone know what it means please 

Error starting encoder. "lame.exe" -cbr b 192 -noreplaygain -m s- \\AFMT-ST...

Thank you in advance 


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It's not something I've seen but I would try installing PlayIt Recorder again.

LAME is the software that encodes audio to MP3 files and the rest looks like the instructions that PlayIt Recorder is sending to LAME (constant bit rate 192kb/s etc.).

This happens to me whenever i update the program.  I have fixed it in the past but don't know how. 

Just updated to latest and now getting the Lame error.  the file exists in the install folder.

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