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Play it recorder Freezing when a new RDP session start

We are trying to install Play it recorder on a new virtual machine. If we set up Play it recorder, everything works fine. If we then log in again via RDP, time will indicate 00.00.01 and will not continue. The only solution is to stop and restart the recording.

We have installed the Play it recorder application on a windows server 2016 machine with 16GB ram.

Is there a workaround to solve this problem?


Hello, we had already made this adjustment, but unfortunately offer no solution. The freeze occurs when logging in again, we also have this problem with Teamvieuwer.



Please see this article about using RDP: 

You should ensure that you select Leave audio on remote computer, other Windows will change the audio devices available for your session and drop the audio. Alternatively, you can use a different remote session software such as TeamViewer or VNC.


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