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Reducing the recorded WAV file size

Hi, Recorder crashes on me randomly with a red notification banner saying there was a problem encountered with the mp3 encoder (I should really take a screenshot of this next time before someone just restarts it). Anyway I've unticked 'Convert audio to another format' and it's now reliably recording in WAV format but the file size of the hourly recordings are exceeding 600Mb and my presenters are moaning that it's taking forever for them to download their shows (some only use mobile devices). How can I reduce the quality of the WAV recordings to keep the file size under 200Mb? Just to add I've just seen the post about running two instances of Recorder which is a godsend as our witness recorder for recording all output has just died! I can now have a low quality 24/7 recording running as well as the scheduled high quality recordings on the same PC. Seeing as I've just set this to convert to mp3 mono 64kb it will be interesting to see if this instance crashes like the other did when recording in 320k stereo mp3. All the best! Regards Paul 107 Meridian FM

Hi Paul,

It would be good to see the error that is occurring with the MP3 recording. The WAV recording records at 44100Hz Stereo and this cannot be changed. Naturally, it has a large footprint due to it being uncompressed. If you have some scripting ability you could use something like ffmpeg to compress the WAV files to MP3 after the recording has completed. Here's an example:

Thanks for the reply Jason.

As luck would have it - it hasn't crashed since! I've reverted the recordings to mp3 as well and both instances are running without a hitch. will watch and wait though just in case.

One thing I did notice after some scheduled maintenance this weekend is that after a restart only once instance will run automatically, I have to start the second instance by hand even though it is set to run by itself. No big issue, I could always script this to delay start as it's probably the first instance confusing things. Ideally if they could start as services it would be ideal then after a windows restart I wouldn't have to worry.

Anyhow, thanks as always for your excellent software, keep up the good work and I will arrange to drop a donation in to say thanks!

Best regards


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