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Number of Audio Channels

Is PlayItCartwall strictly stereo and mono playback; or, will it play more channels?  If it is more than just stereo, how many will it play?

Also, I have the same questions for PlayItLive.

Thank you.

I've just started exploring PlayIt Live and Cart Wall. Great products!

This may be a similar question...

My requirement is a Cart Wall for multiple audio outputs; ie ideally each column to feed a separate audio output with any cart in the column selectable. It seems the whole Cart Wall can only go to one stereo/mono output.

PlayIt Live has Decks mode but with no stack on each output and Live Assist seems to be schedule-based.

Any possibility of configuring CartWall to do multiple outputs like this?

Hi Jeffrey,

PlayIt Live/Cartwall can be set up to output to stereo devices.

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