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VT saving session with wrong name

I have a syndicated show with slightly different parameters for each station. I record the show in 2x1-hour sessions. One station's hour is 60 minutes, the other is 58 minutes.

I record both sessions for the first one , then open the first session, edit the project name and running time, change the jingles and trim the time down by 2 minutes.

If I then save the project, it overwrites the original show. I can get round this by using Save As, but I don't always remember. Likewise, when I mix it down for export, it wants to use the file name of the original project.

Hi Hal,

The project name should be thought of as the title for the project and has no relation to the filename of the project, except for maybe the initial name that is given to the file on first save. As you have already pointed out, you can use Save As to save a copy as a new filename, but this is by design and is not a bug.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Jason. I would have thought that if someone changed the title of the project, they probably would not want to overwrite the original data with the new project.

Never mind, I shall just have to remember to use Save As and to check the file name of the mixdown.

Best regards,


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