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Playing Top of Hour Newscast

I wish to play the top of the hour newscast from Fox. It has a link that remains the same except the hour (in military) changes. Here is how it’s done in Station Playlist- ********** I can help with part of it. First, the filename changes each hour. Here is the 2pm cast: File1= So: create a blank text file, and name it Fox.pls open this pls file in notepad, and copy in this exactly: [playlist] File1= Title1=FoxStream Length1=300 Preload1=10 WebFile1=0 NumberOfEntries=1 Version=2 Save this file, and insert it in SPL, it will play the 3pm newscast. It doesn't have to download it, it streams it. you will need to change the 14-111418 each hour. I'm sure there's a way to automate that, but I'm not sure how to do it. btw: there will be a bit of dead air as the fox stream loads. best to have it follow something with a fade... or if it has to be a cold intro, here's a hint - as a VT with the segue point about 1.5 seconds early. maybe 2. ********** Now- can this be done in PlayIt Live? How is it done? There must be differences and I’m not sure if PlayIt can demand a link stream by going and getting the link, playing it, and moving on. Thank you, Gerry

Hey Gerry, solved all those issues, only thing I need to do now is try and stop it respirating songs so close together, any idea ?

Hello Peter,

Have a look at "Edit Playout Policy" in the user guide

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Within some limits (for example if tracks are by multiple artists it considers each combination as a different "artist" ) it should do what you want.

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