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Loading tracks yet some are being ignored.

I've looking through the form but haven't found what I'm looking for, so.

When I load my audio tracks into PlayIt, over 1200 of them, as the load progresses, I can see a message at the bottom of my screen counting upwards which says tracks ignored. When the complete list of tracks are loaded it tells me that 180 tracks have been ignored, yet I can't find which tracks they are so that I can perhaps try to do something about it. 

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Hi Chris, 

When you initially import tacks, you get the options for duplicate handling. 3 options appear. 1) replace any tracks with the same file path, 2) skip any tracks with the same file path and 3) duplicate any tracks with the same file path.

The reason it's skipping tracks is most likely that you have duplicated tracks. you can of course selct top just go ahead and duplicate them and take them out later.

Hope this helps,


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