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The "Poor Man's" radio setup

I've been looking into sound cards for "PlayIt Live" and I thought I would give a cheap Chinese surround sound card a go. I've had it for some years (possibly most of a decade) and not had that much luck with it up until now.

I'm using an old XP computer. The greatest challenge was finding suitable drivers for the USB sound card. Sadly I've lost the little disk it came with.

Extensive use of Google took me to an Australian site which had XP (and other OS) drivers for the CM6206 chip that the USB sound card used.

The drivers installed and in the system tray helper there was a nice test setup that stepped round each of the 6 output channels.

If you buy a card new I'm sure it will come with a driver disk and save you that stage.

Next I installed ASIO4ALL. This was a minor battle as the latest version didn't seem to like XP but the last one in the version series seems to work fine with XP so I used that.

Finally select 6 channel mode on the card.

and we are ready to run PlayIt Live.

I can choose a stereo output for each of 2 players and a third for cue (I've also assigned carts to that channel). This feeds 3 channels on an old mixer I have and I've a low cost production set up.

Finally, I used the built in sound card on the PC to take the mixer audio in and I've got a source to stream. I've got BUTT set up on the same XP machine.

If the streaming server were "outside" my home network anyone could listen.

"Radio Shed" all ready to use.

I would add processing (*or at least limiting) on the mixer output for "serious" use but it's not a bad setup.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Just as a PS to my last .... I didn't mention that I have found the multi-channel USB box quite stable using ASIO4ALL and have put it in line on the 3 music faders replacing the Turtle Beach single output devices for a trial period.  This little box that cost me less than a tenner ( I bought 2) sounds fine to me and it generates enough output to the mixer inputs.

My observation on the DX2000 was just that if they had made the USB input also support 3 or 4 stereo channels on ASIO it would have been much more useful.

The only problem with using the built in USB for output is that ideally one would want to put a limiter (or possibly processing) between the mixer out and sound card in. A very few USB sound cards support analogue limiting and you might consider using one of those.

If you could write up your start button interface (perhaps as a new thread) I'm sure others would like it (I would be interested for one).

If you could attach the drivers to the thread that would be helpful (perhaps as a ZIP)..

Thank you both. I have been following with interest and the conversation is certainly helping my thinking in terms of how to best set up my radio. Great stuff!

I found the disk that came with the sound card.

That only came with XP and Vista drivers but a further Google came up with the chipset maker's website.

If you need drivers this may be of use to you:-

The CM6206LX was what I wanted.

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