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Group Rotations

Each Track Group will have a rotation based on the total tracks in that Group and the number of positions those groups occupy on clocks or in the Playout Pattern.

For example: Track Group A has 10 Tracks and it appears 3 times (an Hour) on our example clock. This means Tracks in group A will rotate 3 & 1/3 hours. *This may vary if you have Playout Policies that effect this Track Group.

I recommend that smaller Track Groups should not have Playout Policies.

Station Identification, Jingles, Sweepers, Liners, PSAs, Promotional Announcements, News, Weather, Traffic reports, and Music Group Rotations should use a clock for scheduling if you’d like each event to paly  near the same time each hour.


To get an idea of how often a track will play, divide the total in each Track Group by the number of times they appear on your clock.

Tip:  If you have two announcements: “P” & “Q” and you’d like “P” to play twice as many times as “Q”, Create a second “P”  Audio File, and add to the same track group. PlayIt Live will see them as 3 files.   P will seemingly play twice as much as Q.


Playout Patterns can also be built based on the above information, but only a clock can land specific Track Groups near the same time each hour.

To build a Playout Pattern, think of Music Tracks averaging near 3 minutes. This would require near 20 positions in your pattern to equal 60 minutes. (Based on 3 minutes per track)  Remember Playout patterns are not sensitive to the time. If your pattern ends at :15 it will go to the top and start again.  Using Patterns allows you to repeat the same pattern again and again.  Playout Policies will keep the same Titles And/or the same Artist from playing in the time span you select.


If you assign and schedule Clocks, remember that if your Clocks lack enough Tracks, it will go to the Playout pattern to fill. If you fail to schedule a clock or schedule a Playout, PlayIt Live will go to the Playout Pattern.

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Originally, I mentioned smaller groups should not have Playout Policies.  I need to correct this to say "should not have playout policies regarding Artist. But Should have a Playout policy for Titles.

I recommend this policy be specific to each group based on how often the group repeats on your scheduled clock.  For example:

My Hot Hits Group Plays 4 times an Hour, 13 Titles, making for a 3 & 1/4 hour  rotation.  So I create a Playout Policy for this group that says Titles within this group only should not repeat in the  3 hours.

This causes every title in the group to be played and not repeat within the 3 hours.

I'll delve deeper  into Playout Policies in another discussion.

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