To integrate AdMaster with Playit Live, you need to do the following:

1) In AdMaster, navigate to Output format settings, and click the Change the format link to select Standard m3u playlists; Click the Save changes button, and select Date-Hour-Break in the filename structure selection dialog;

2) In AdMaster, on the same settings tab, click the Configure the commercial breaks to set how many commercial breaks you want to air in an hour. By default, AdMaster will create two commercial breaks per hour, and this is where you can increase or decrease the default number of breaks in an hour. The advanced settings are available (e.g. the hours with no commercials, or with less commercial breaks than elsewhere).

3) In Playit Live, use the Insert External Log/Playlist Action to configure the traffic log file import.

4) Set the Insert External Log/Playlist dialog as follows:
From: Dated file
Folder: The commercial breaks playlists folder set in AdMaster's Folders settings
Date pattern: %yyyy%-%MM%-%dd%-%HH%a to import the first break in the hour, %yyyy%-%MM%-%dd%-%HH%b to import the second break in the hour, and so on. The letter at the end of date pattern determines the break (a=Break 1, b=Break 2, c=Break 3). To insert two breaks per hour, you'll need two import events, with the date patterns that end with the letters a and b.
Format: M3U Playlist
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