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Remote URL fails - PlayIt goes silent ?

Just had an unusual one. One of the remote URL's has failed to provide audio for a live show. PlayIt just gave an error message "Player 1 failed to load" plus the URL and nothing was playing? Had to stop, insert a track manually, set it playing, then put auto back on.

I'm not always going to be listening, especially at 1am - what should I be doing to account for this behaviour? The last thing I want is dead air.

It sounds similar to Rich's topic "Autodj not playing after url plays" but different circumstances.

Need to come back in on this issue as it happened again tonight.

We take a few shows 'live' by bringing in a remote URL that is their stream. Tonight the remote server was not available, PlayIt tried twice and showed error messages to say it had not connected. But, we had dead air.

The clock for this show just has a hard time marker and the stream URL defined. It runs for 4 hours. Am I supposed to have created four hours of playlist to cover the eventuality and run this on after the remote URL? Isn't there some way it would drop to the default playlist if the connection fails? 

This also links in with the silence detection a few people have asked about, had I not manually checked the stream I wouldn't have known it was silent. 

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