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Editing log in future in Playit manager

When I am in Playit manager, go to log and go to "schedule", I would have expected it to pre-populate the log as per the current clock setting (like in Playit).

However it actually just puts one song in and that's it. No pre-populated clock.

I want to voicetrack a show in the future whilst using playit manager, and this is the way that was shown on the video for Playit, but I am guessing that Playit manager isn't perhaps used as much, or am I doing something wrong?

I have found that the log now fills. For some reason my "A list" group wasn't working and whenever it encountered it in either a clock or play format then it stopped.

It now fills the hour according to my playout patterns, but not according to the clock.

How do I get it to pre-fill an hour according to a clock in manager mode?


This now appears to be working since I rescheduled the clocks. Very odd - will investigate more.


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